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Whatsapp +60123590344 ( From 12.00 noon - 12.00 midnight )
a. Own Pick Up at BF1 - Order before 11.00pm Next Day self pick.
b. Courier By Pgeon (2-5 days)- Order before 11.00pm will be courier out Next Day.
Courier Fee : Semenang Malaysia = RM6.00 per 5KG | East Malaysia = RM10.00 per 500g

KKM or NPRA Approval Checking :

Step 1 : https://www.npra.gov.my/index.php/en/consumers/information/products-search.html
Step 2 : Choose Cosmetic
Step 3 : Search By : Manufacturer Name
Step 4 : Search " Best Formula "
Step 5 : Anti-Bac Product On Page 12
All registered Products List Will Show.

Notice : BF1 follows KKM SOP to ensure our Anti-Bac Sanitizer, Disinfectant and all products production will not be contaminated during Covid-19 period. From March 18 to June 30 2020, people were not allowed to enter the BF1 Shop in order to reduce staff contact with the public.

BF1 still provides the time to pick up or courier by Pgeon Delivery for all products. Please do not queue outside BF1 office for order, wait for our call to pick up order. Your healthiness and safety is our priority.

BF1 apologizes for any inconvenience.

To All Malaysian : Please accept the fact that during Covid-19 we have to help KKM to protect Covid19 front-line medical staff and all people help to solve this global issue, they have family like you and me too.

They risk their life, family and health to stand in front and protect us. They don’t need your thank you card, flowers or clapping hand, just need you to understand how to protect yourself well.

Reducing physical social contact is to safeguard yourself, your family, your business and people who live in this beautiful land.

Please do not risk others because you need it urgently or you want it now.

The latest news of some market area proof to us, too clouded will increase chances for infection. Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

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